Saturday, June 13, 2009

pic from stockholm

Last weekend I visited Stockholm, capital of Sweden. There is lot of bicycles, we noticed lot of old Swedish company Crescent bikes there, it's still popular. Unfortunately I haven't seen Crescent bikes in Estonia, but I'm sure that we have Crescen bikes here, because some weeks ago Ilmar sent us old Estonian ad for this company.

I just love this bicycle chain cover! So beautiful!



  1. Very cool chain cover. Haven't seen that before.

    When I was in Sweden, I didn't see very many cyclists. It was very bike-friendly though. Old town (Gamla Stan) seemed more walkable.

  2. :D I have been in Stockholm several times, but usually at winter or colder times. I didn't wisited Gamla stan this time, but there was lot of cyclist, I was suprised myself too. :)

  3. Month ago in Kärdla, Hiiumaa - in small and cute, just like in tiny model of Estonia amidst blue waters - I spotted young estonian 5-7 y. old boy riding in one super decent old Crescent. But I have spotted more and more.

  4. Kenneth ButtercupMarch 21, 2010 at 5:12 PM

    Thank you posting this!

    See: this one
    and: this one
    These are essentially retired, however and the one you photographed is still
    working, and that's better.

  5. im a lucky guy, i own two old school Crescent bikes, but i havent used them in ages, but this spring im thinking off taking one out(grown-up size) and fixing it and hittin the streets of Tallinn. Kind sick off only seeing mountain bikes and bmx-es.