Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3474 km and 59 days

It's time to introduce you 3 Estonian guys Heiki, Silver & Rivo.  They biked trough 10 European countries by kick bikes! Athens to Orissaare (Saaremaa, Estonia). They are back home now, but their adventure was 3474 km long and took 59 days.

About their trip you can read there http://www.taldmaha.com/?lang=English. Unfortunately website english version is not so informative, but you can see pictures here http://www.taldmaha.com/index.php?id=10559

Picture by Irina Mägi


  1. Heard about you guys from my dad who just came back from Evia, Porto Lafia yesterday! He thought you were all crazy! He was so amazed you went up that mountain on your way to Styra! You ate lunch at his brother's place.
    I am writing from Canada.
    Are you back to Estonia yet?

  2. Hi Angie, biys are back in Estonia, but they probably don't read this blog :) But never know! If you want to contact them you can find their e-mail aadresses at their website http://www.taldmaha.com/index.php?id=10807