Tuesday, October 6, 2009

bicycle with plywood mudguard and carrier

and a chain cover.

love it!


big gathering of bicyclers in Tallinn city center, Vabaduse Square (3rd Oct 2009)


  1. Those are fantastic fenders, chain guard, mud guard and rack!!!
    Do you know where I can buy them, or who made them? Is it DIY?
    What an inspiration!

  2. Unfortunately I didn't ask, but I hope the owner see this question, I'm sure that he can answer it!

  3. Hi
    Luckily i am reading the blog. I am the builder and owner of this bike.
    If you are interested I will be happy to make some custom wooden bike gear.

    great to hear that people like my bike.

  4. How much would you charge for that? It is a very nice looking customized bike.

  5. Toomas thanks for replying. The design is very good, I like that they are made of wood. I'm not sure if I can order any wooden custom bike gear from you since I am in the USA? I think it could get very costly. At any rate very nice work that you do! I hope lots of people discover your work.