Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mother and daughter with scooters @Kopli street, Tallinn

Kopli street

At my way home I spotted really great couple, mother and daughter with scooters. :) Even their outfits match :)

girl in estonian national clothes @Kihnu island


She is Pille from little Estonian island Kihnu, she just got back from perfomance fot tourists, but wearing an estonian national clothes is still very popular in Kihnu, some people wear it every day. If there is a party or celebration then every woman or girl wears at least a skirt with kihnu pattern, they call it kört out there.

Sent to us by Tuuli

It's Black, It's White, Whoo @Pikk street, Tallinn


...in Pikk street, Green market at back, getting urban runabout to develop a good pedalling style...
The "fixie" estonian is headed to design his nightlife.

P.S. "Black or White" was the first single taken from Michael Jackson's Dangerous album, released in November 1991.

Sent to us by Ilmar

Monday, June 29, 2009

cycle chic estonia visit LONDON!

I was visiting London for a week and also took some pictures about London cycle culture, it was faboulus, loved it.

Btw original cycle chic from copenhagen is there now http://www.copenhagencyclechic.com/2009/06/cycle-chic-goes-to-london-on-monday.html

@hyde park. I just love to see happy couples on bicycles :)

hyde park

Pink socks and white suite, color matching bike and helmet! Great!

hyde park




I went to picnic with my friend near Londons Eye :) Chic bicycleing is in :)



Grey hair and bicycle :) @ Tooting park, last friday


I REALLY like her stile, spotted at Notting Hill market last saturday.


Now I'm back in Estonia, I already have seen beautiful bike riders here (my photocamera was at home...), summer is finally arrived :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

freedom and cycling @Tallinn, Freedom square


Intention to catch both chic cycling and freedom as one part of the big picture.

Sent to us by Ilmar.

P.S statue at the back is Estonian new freedom statute at the Freedom square at Tallinn.

colorful night life @Tallinn, Telliskivi street


Prompt posing in Tallinn nightlife. But often it means that sometimes you wish all your friends should taken their cycles. Probably an example of perfect idea.

Sent to us by Ilmar

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

cycle chic estonia visit Manchester, UK

Near the Arndale center at the city.

@Fallowfields, Wilmslow Road

I was at Manchester, UK over the weekend. I did noticed that there is good cycle paths and much more cyclist than Tallinn, Estonia. Those 3 are only few of them :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

waiting @Tallinn, Nunne street


shadows @Tallinn, Toompuiestee


Chasing shadows.

P.S Those bikes as part of urban cycling - we call them "kokukas" - are major part of the movement.

Sent to us by Ilmar

? P.P.S I'm sure that we have seen these cycles before :) http://estcc.wordpress.com/2009/05/23/tallinn-tammsaare-park-vol3/ (small Estonia)


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

fast love @Tallinn, Saiakang

hugging cycle

Common notice - bicycle hugging downspout - They are in love...so the bicycle thinks, but downspout have many lovers - because this is a "quicky" to chocolaterie Kehrwieder.

sent to us by Ilmar

Monday, June 15, 2009

from newspaper


As once Liina posted swedish military bicycle, I just could not resist - last number of largest weekly newspaper Maaleht talks with Elmo Nüganen, the Tallinn City Theatre's artistic director, is one of the most esteemed stage directors in Estonia. He is known mostly for his brilliant versions of classical plays. Citizen Elmo riding through frontpage with Jääkäri (one of Ilmar's personal favorite) and slogan says: "People, resist!" So there you have it...

Sent to us by Ilmar

Harjumaa, Tuhala

old "new" bicycle

Actually he's my uncle. I spotted he when I was visiting his country house a moth ago. This bicycle is his "new one" :), last one breake down and my brother gave him an old Swedish army bicycle - militärcyke. It's perfect for him and of course he is always very chic, it's a fact that he never wear a t-shirt. I just love he's always chic style, even when he's working at fields and of course when he's cycling.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

pic from stockholm

Last weekend I visited Stockholm, capital of Sweden. There is lot of bicycles, we noticed lot of old Swedish company Crescent bikes there, it's still popular. Unfortunately I haven't seen Crescent bikes in Estonia, but I'm sure that we have Crescen bikes here, because some weeks ago Ilmar sent us old Estonian ad for this company.

I just love this bicycle chain cover! So beautiful!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Tallinn, Nunne street


We noticed one strange cycle at the middle of Tallinn's old town - bicycle for seven people - conferencebike! I have to try it one day!

The Conferencebike is a bicycle for seven people which are sitting in a circle and are looking inwards, towards each other. It is tricycle-shaped but has four car wheels, two of them as double tyres at the rear.

Tallinn, Pikk 36



Weekend art and design market in Pikk 36 is all about style as well as cycling. The man behind the style - Michael, enjoys nice day and was helpful to promote cycle chic culture.

Young designers will be back on day before nationwide "To Breathe as One" Song and Dance Celebration.

sent to us by Ilmar

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tallinn, Estonia street


I spotted her today at Rävala street, she was unlocking her bicycle and I was preparing to lock mine beautiful Sohfa. :) Beautiful and cycle chic :)

It's hard to find chic cyclists in Estonia, because cycling in regular clothes isn't so common here compared to our neighbours Sweden or Finland. Hope that this blog shows to fellow Estonians that it's possible to cycle with regular and of course chic clothes. :) Hope to see you on the streets!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boy with unicycle @Tallinn, Rotermanni street


@Tallinn New Town Festival opening ceremony @Rotermanni Quarter.

He was cycling when he arrived there, unfortunatley I didn't catch it.

Tallinn, Rotermanni street


@Tallinn New Town Festival opening ceremony @Rotermanni Quarter.

This bicycle is popular, Ilmar spotted one in Kadriorg.

Tallinn, velotaxi


Velotaxis (bicycle taxis) provide a fun and enviroment-friendly way of getting around the centre of Tallinn. They operate from May to October. This one is spotted today in the middle of the New Town Festival opening procession @ Viru street.

Kadri @ Kadriorg


I guess I did not see that coming, really, my camera's battery ended up after that shot. Cool rubberbooted (horsepowered) tallinner heading home for a fine evening cooking.

sent to us by Ilmar

@Tallinn harbour


Gadener from Tallinn harbour uses his tricycle everyday. Lucky him. He negotiating with grass and greenlife in harbour. Brilliant.

sent to us by Ilmar

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tallinn, KUMU


Spotted in front of KUMU entrance - FREE TIBET
(in soviet era, estonian youth used slogans FREE ESTONIA - but there was huge risk - U could end up for not less than 5 years in regime closed facilities).

The owner was estonian, but I did not get more info related to this yellow label message. It's usual for estonians to cycle around in classical bikes, always erectly and chin up.

sent to us by Ilmar

cycle chic ad from the 30'es

reklaam Swedish bicycles Crescent. Known over 45 years.

Typical estonian ad from 1930s. The signature of artist is also on handdrawn print layout. Recognisable background: town wall of Old Tallinn, near Suurtüki street and Towers Square (Tornide väljak) .

sent to us by Ilmar

Tallinn, Tööstuse street


Tallinn, Old Town