Thursday, July 30, 2009

friend is missing


One of the three sympathetic cheerful army green excellent city bike has been stolen during night from Kristiine region Tallinn. Design icon called the Jopo had basket, but no headlight. Its 2007/08 year model. This is a sad news for cycle chic, it means that not only mountain bikes are hot. So keep your eyes open in Finland...

Üks kolmest ilusast sõjaväerohelisest linnarattast varastati öisel ajal Kristiinest, Tallinnast. Disaini ikoonil rattal Jopol oli korv, kuid ei olnud esituld, aastast 2007/08. Kõikide cycle chicide jaoks on see aga kurb uudis, sest see näitab, et enam ei ole ainul maastikurattad varastele kuum kaup. Hoidke silmad lahti!

Sent to us by Ilmar

bicycle & estonian movies

This is probably most famos bikreide from Estonian movies, everybody in Estonia knows this song and movie Nipernaadi (1983). The character, Toomas Nipernaadi, is an archetypical traveller; a vagabond. He is noted for frequent lying, for promising something to everybody around him, and to beautiful women in particular — but always moving on before his promises can be fulfilled.

Song is called "Song of Wanderer" or direct translation "Wanderers Evening Song". Words are: I am wandering on endless road etc.

See lõik filmist Nipernaadi, on tõenäoliselt kõige kuulsam jalgrattastseen Eesti filmist. Kas kellelegi tuleb veel meelde mõni?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3474 km and 59 days

It's time to introduce you 3 Estonian guys Heiki, Silver & Rivo.  They biked trough 10 European countries by kick bikes! Athens to Orissaare (Saaremaa, Estonia). They are back home now, but their adventure was 3474 km long and took 59 days.

About their trip you can read there Unfortunately website english version is not so informative, but you can see pictures here

Picture by Irina Mägi

Cycle Chic Estonia goes Exeter


The Quayside, Exeter, UK

sent to us by Bibi (my friend who is visiting Exeter at the moment:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

just before HEF in Kärdla

Kärdla, Hiiumaa

A Cycle Chic way - dressed in Tahkuna white singing sand color.

P.S. HEF - The Good Energy Festival was all about theater, music and culinary art in local old Kärdla powerplant - island of Hiiumaa.

Sent to us by Ilmar.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vihtra road, Pärnumaa

Vihtra road

I'm visiting my mother in little town in Estonia and she is my dearest friend from here at our evening bikeride. :)  She's laughing because I forced her to pose for me, but I love her little bag and dress! And her mothers' bike with white basket.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

tandem bicycle @Karja street, Haapsalu


I absolutely love tandem bisycles! They probably are not from Haapsalu - tourists maybe (probably with their caravan home). I noticed this cycle this day and next day more - just waiting somewhere. Lovely couple.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Karja street, Haapsalu

Haapsalu is most beautiful little seaside town in Estonia :) My boyfriend family lives there, so I visit this town often. This time I had some spare moments to go and took some pictures about bicycle culture there. And first one is here :)


Saturday, July 18, 2009

little stores


Misso, Võru county

Iisaku, Ida-Virumaa county

I noticed that bicycles is very popular among children's and older people (just like my childhood in one small Estonian town) and at least on front of every village store is one bicycle :) Bicycle culture is living in our countryside.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Haanja, Suur Munamägi


I took this after visiting Mountain Suur Munamägi (Big Egg Mountain, actually it's a hill - only 318 m), which is located in the middle part of Haanja uplands (Võru county). It's tiny compared with mountains, but it's still highest point in Estonia and other two Baltic countries Latvia and Lithuania.

This women is resting before going to up to the hill again. All the roads there is downhill and uphill, nightmares for bicycle riders :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009



I am on my vacation and travelling around Estonia by car. Last saturday we were at Võru, beautiful southern Estonian town and this shot is from there :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Estonian flags and bicycles after Song Celebration final concert




after final concert of Estonian Song Celebration, at the song festival grounds

At the concert there was more than 100 000 folks, but only ~500 of them used bicycle to get there. OK. actually 500 is lot compared with our regular use of bicycle. Next picture is unusual in Estonia, I haven't seen nothing like this! Loved it!


I was waiting my friend and I had time just watch how people are dressed and taking pictures of chic cyclists. Lot of them wears national clothes or details, like belts, shoes, skirts...





How to ride your bicycle with long national skirt? Here is the answer.


I have more pictures :) to be continued...

Festive Parade of Song and Dance Celebration, Tallinn

Waiting the parade. Stilish photographer in action.


Parade "cheerleaders" :) They cycle back and forth several times, amazingly brave girl with Estonian flag.




I was watching parade and suddenly I noticed (just before leaving) that two girls standing just beside me were Merily and Britt :) I only have seen them on pictures at their blogs and I introduced them at this blog few days ago
Lovely girls on bikes.