Thursday, January 14, 2010

winter wonderland

Estonia is covered with beautiful snow and the weather is the main topic at the moment. We haven't seen this much snow for 40 years :) It's like fairy tale all around us, but it's quite difficult to use my bicycle at the moment, some people are trying to do that but I rarely see them around. Photo by Oskar Oanurm. :)


Eesti on talve võlumaa, kõikjal on lumi ning kõik räägivad ilmast. Elame muinasjutus, kus jalgrattaga sõita on üsna keeruline, mõned üritavad seda teha, kuid neid peaaegu ei kohtagi. Pilt on Oskar Oanurmi tehtud :)


  1. I now want to ride in Estonia! That is so beautiful!!!

  2. Gorgeous picture. I really liked Tallinn when I visited several years ago, but I did not have an opportunity to ride a bike.