Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Map of the Cycle Chic Blog Network

Christa from Bike by the Sea have done a great job, she made a Cycle Chic network map :) This is great way to promote bicycle toursim and see the mushroom spreading all over the globe, I definetly love it.

Crista Santa Barbarast, kel on blogi Bike by the Sea tegi kaardi, mis kaardistab maailma cycle chic blogisid :) Meie väikene blogi ja riik on seal asmuti esindatud. "Liikumine" mis sai alguse Kopenhaagenist levib nüüd seeneniidistikuna üle maailma :)

Kaardi juurde.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing the map, Liina. The goal is to use it to promote bicycle tourism and encourage bicycle infrastructure development. Yes, it'll be interesting to see it mushroom!

    Suggestions are welcome for how we can improve and use it. I created it on a separate Google account so others can edit too.

    Also, new blogs from Mexico (http://mexicocyclechic.blogspot.com) and St Petersburg (http://spbcyclechic.blogspot.com).