Friday, October 8, 2010

Pärnu road, Tallinn


  1. Very attractive bicycle, can you tell us more about it ? I have seen pictures of this style of bike with what looks like a small petrol tank, but it is only there to look good I think. Is it a homemade special or a model you can buy ?
    You have some great pictures on your site.

  2. Hello
    I received 5 or 6 porn emails today after posting a comment here yesterday. So it would appear my email address has been shared.
    Could you explain this ?

  3. Hi, Les Dollard! Thank you! Unfortunatley I don't know nothing about this bicycle. But I think it's one of the cruiser bikes.
    I'm really sure that your e-mail didn't leak from here, because I just approved your comment... This site use regular wordpress software and no one can see posted e-mails beside me.

  4. This cruiser is what hsppens when you mix a classicall-styled bicycle whith a vibrant color palletHermosa Beach.
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  5. The in the Barrel3-speed geatures a simple-minded color scheme with a complex geometric frame design to form the utopia of cruisers Comfort Bikes.

  6. Certain parts of a cruiser will rust if left out in wet conditions, especially the chain, and if the chain rusts you cruiser will not ride as smooth as it should.
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  7. Beach cruiser prices have escalated to an outrageous price these last few years and together the founders realized there had to be a way to make things more affordable.
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