Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vindata - Night Sky pt.1

The official music video for “Night Sky Pt. 1″ by a California electronic band called Vindata. Cool music and bike riding!

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  1. Cool cycling, but I wish they would keep the trick riding to the park and not the road. Too many cyclists, as much as we want people to get out and cycle, ride on the sidewalk, through stop signs and red lights, against one ways, etc. We need to encourage people to behave like traffic on the roads. That's the only way we can gain the respect of the motoring public and politicians and claim our rightful place on the roads as an alternative form of transportation.

    Now, I realize it is a music video and such videos display all manner of things one wouldn't normally do, but when posted on a cycling website, I worry that it could promote the 'cool' of cycling in the wrong way. If such a video were to get more people riding, because it looks cool, we certainly wouldn't want them to behave like that on the roads.

    Nice to see more bicycles in pop culture media though.